All divers know how to breathe through the regulators. But how much and how well do we know about our regulators? Underwater photographers know how to shoot and wait for the good moment for a snap! But how expert are we in care and maintenance of photography equipment?

Themed as “KNOW YOUR DIVING REGULATOR“, 2017 edition of Asia Dive Conference (ADCON) will bring you an in-depth knowledge of the product from the participating brands: MARES, POSEIDON, CRESSI-SUB, TSUNAMI CASES, BIGBLUE, ATOMIC AQUATICS, SEAC and INON.

Be ready and gear up for ADCON will focus on the importance of maintenance and service of dive and camera equipment on technicality, performance, mechanism and function of the equipment.

Dive Scuba Technician Trainer, from ITDA Group, William Ong will elaborate on “Evaluate and Calibrate” your SCUBA Open Circuit System. Speakers/Trainers for each of the brand products will conduct their presentation and practicality on products/hands-on for the 2days conference.

Participants will get to experience hands-on and engage in practical exercises to enhance their own skills. Participants are also able to study on how their equipment can be pre-checked before every dive and when it is due for service.

Theoretical talks will be given before every sessions to enable the participants to assimilate and get insight of what’s coming throughout the conference.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own regulators and camera/lenses during the conference/workshop to attain valuable knowledge and education. Participants will also benefit from tips on how to elevate their knowledge and skills and become proficient in handling, maintaining and when to send it to an authorised service centre.

Session for “Evaluate and Calibrate” your SCUBA Open Circuit System is limited to 30 pax only for each day. So don’t miss this incredible opportunity to discover your equipment better!

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