Theme: Know Your Diving Regulator


The 3.5 hours’ presentation will give delegates the fundamental understanding of a regulator.  Different types of regulators will be discussed during the practical session with delegates on how to “Evaluate and Calibrate” their own equipment. Delegates are highly recommended to bring their own equipment.

By the end of the sessions delegates will be given certificate of recognition as a SCUBA Technician Foundation Level competent to evaluate and calibrate their own equipment.


To empower delegates to be competent in accordance with their duty of care to their customers and to comply with manufacturer technician training requirement in compliance with the law.


To provide delegates with a thorough and an extensive understanding on diving regulators that can assist those to attain excellence and quality skills. This can further open door to pursue on Occupational and Employable skills in diving career pathways.

Participating Brand:

Brand Speakers will present and elaborate on latest models, functions, benefits, performance, product promotion, demonstration, warranty policy, exchange program, upgrade program, sales and repair clinic and workshop.

Target audience:

All diving enthusiasts.