• Recreational Divers

• Sport and Technical Divers, Technical Instructors & Instructor Trainers.

• Public Safety, Military and Scientific Divers / Instructors

• Dive Travel &Resorts Operators

• Recreational and Technical Training Agencies

• Commercial Divers

• Cave/Wreck/Exploration Divers

• Manufacturers of recreational, advanced and technical diving equipment

• Dive Resorts, Centres, Dive Schools, Boats and Liveboards, Testing Houses

• Photography & Videography Divers

• Clubs & Diving associations

• Dive Media Magazine

• Diver medical technicians, physicians, certified hyperbaric nurses and assistants involved in the care of diving disorders and hyperbaric medicine

• Professionals involved in the field of advanced and technical diving including Government Institutions, Associations & Advisory Bodies

• International & National Media-House that supports diving industry (recreational, technical & commercial)


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